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Special Software Products and Services

IS Tech Support has been writing custom extension programs for DBA Classic and Evo~ERP for as long as we have been supporting the software. We offer many special function extensions that can be easily added to your ERP system. Each extension is priced individually. We fully support all of these extensions under all of our support plans. Most are available with a free, 30-day trial so that you can try before you buy. Contact Support at ISTechSupport dot com to receive a trial or with any questions.

Available Extensions (click for more info)

All programs simply drop in to your DBA Classic or Evo~ERP installation, along with a small license file. Evo~ERP users may add programs to the user menu of their choice via TAS-G. Use within DBA Classic varies by module.

Custom Programs and Reports

We are authorized PERVASIVE® database product resellers.