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Do you need in-depth information, systems analysis, or special programming work? Listed here you will find links to helpful files and special services, plus contact information for consultants who work with DBA Classic and Evo~ERP users worldwide.

“I really appreciate you sending this over the weekend. I was able to use it to help create cycle codes for inventory counts we're starting up.” - Doug, Colorado, 8 user installation

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Evo-ERP Worldwide Consultant Network.

Implementation and support consultants listed below can assist you to get the most out of Evo-ERP and tailor the use of the modules to best suit your business. All the listed consultants have years of experience with ERP systems in general and Evo-ERP in particular. Selection of a consultant is a decision that needs to take into account not only the technical qualifications of the consultant, but also the personality and how the consultant team will be able to work with the employees.

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