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Enhancement, Support, and Extensions for DBA Classic and Evo~ERP

DBA/Evo 2018.1 Update Released

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Unlimited Technical Support for DBA Manufacturing and Evo~ERP

Do you need assistance with the installation, operation or upgrade of DBA Classic (formerly DBA Manufacturing) or Evo~ERP? IS Tech support offers both free and fee based resources to deliver answers right now.

“I would like to personally thank you for all your help, training and most importantly of all listening to us to have EVO do some amazing things for us. We are very happy with what we have and are very optimistic with the direction this is all headed to.” - Samir - Connecticut, 100 user system

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Integrated Credit Card Processing
Evo-ERP has teamed with CAM Commerce Solutions to bring credit card processing right inside of Evo. Now you can process charges from within AR-C and AR-N if you use X-Charge as your processor.
Remote Tech Assist
We can log into your system remotely and install IS Tech updates or perform troubleshooting for you, saving the cost of bringing in your local IT Consultant. Our web based remote assistance allows us to work with you and you to see what we are doing, which in turn helps you to better understand your ERP software. Contact us for rates and availability.

Program Updates and Support for DBA Manufacturing Classic

Program updates are available by subscription starting at a flat rate per company of only $65/month, with plans for unlimited email or unlimited phone support available. Subscription billing is month to month. No contract or long term agreement is necessary. Non-subscribers can also get per-call priced phone support. See the Support section of the site for more detail regarding the plans available.

Get More Done with Our Extensions for DBA and Evo-ERP

We have our own in-house programmers and are also working with a number of third party providers of extended and custom programs for DBA Classic and Evo-ERP. Plus, these feature-expanding programs are tested and fully supported by IS Tech. If you purchase any of the listed programs and are an IS Tech Support subscriber, your support plan automatically includes support of the new product. For more details, follow the Products link for info. Each program is priced individually and most are available with a free 30-day trial, as well.

Evo-ERP now available to DBA users and new customers


In a customer bulletin issued December 8, 2004, DBA Software Inc. announced the sale of DBA Manufacturing Classic licensing rights to IS Tech Support allowing us to offer a new product named Evo-ERP, which is based on the program code of DBA Classic.

This new product is now available to DBA users, as well as to new customers. Since Evo-ERP is based on the core program code of DBA Classic and uses the same Pervasive.SQL database , no data conversion or extensive retraining is necessary for a DBA Classic user to switch to Evo-ERP. In fact, a you can install the 30-day Demo and test it on the live company data while other users are still using Classic DBA. Visit the Evo~ERP site for more information.